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~'s Closure Announcement ~

This was written on: Monday, 13th August, 2012 The current date is:


Hello. You are probably here or have been directed to here to know what is going to happen to,
Due to many reasons such as inactive servers, and coming up issues in our life such as college/school,
We are sad to announce that have closed its doors.
As many of you know, have been around for more than 2 Years now, since 2009.
We have been honored to host for many great servers, and having many awesome staff that helped us throughout our journey.
There always been our countless ups and downs that we have faced during this amount of time.
We can say that we have gone through some tough decisions at some points, but it all lead to something we are proud of.
We would like to thank these people, communities, and clans for being part of until its last moments:


[N~] Community / : It is been an honor hosting for such a great Community that have been
with us since the beginning of the time have been created. Although it did become inactive after a while
of time, but you guys have stayed with us loyal until now. Thank you very much.

cZ Clan / : Having you next to us was an awesome thing. You gave us so many ideas, so many influences,
and the best of all you gave us your hard work that have lead us to some really great features. There were a lot of people
in your Clan that are going to be mentioned below. Thank you for all your work with us.

Oxy2D CS2D Hosting / : You guys had a lot of trust in us, and considered us as your affiliates.
We were very proud to have you too. Having a server with you is a great idea, you really did a good job developing
your hosting until it became such a cool host that most people would want to be with. We wish you the best of luck
with your hosting. Thank you for having us as an affiliate.

Rewards Community / : You WOW us. Always been on the top of other servers we have ever seen around.
Creative ideas, and great founders. You have been such a help when needed, and many of your people will be mentioned below.
Good job on your work. You have done countless of hours on it.

lone Clan / : We have to admit that you guys were the nicest people we have ever hosted for.
We had so many past experiences with your members, and we have to say that you pick the best of them. We also would
like to thank you as you considered as affiliate by advertising our link on your Website. It is been an honor hosting
for you guys, and we wish that this can continue, because you guys are truly the best. Good luck with your Clan, we
are sorry we had to end it this way. Thank you for understanding.
PS: Thanks to "Needles". He wants to host for you guys. So glad we found you a host.

[Fl@me] Clan / : Really special Clan since its foundation. Although it did have its downs,
but it is still active on other games. You guys always had hope in CS2D, and many of your Members accomplished countless
of hours in trainings in the past. We were also honored to host for you. We really wish to continue hosting for you,
but it has come to an end. We wish you luck with other hosters such as FlooD. Thank you for being good clients and letting us host for your Clan.

[LaG] Clan / : Most amazing Clan in our opinion. We were really sad once it closed.
We can honestly say that [LaG] was a really successful Clan in many ways. Servers, Members, Forums, etc.
We have always looked up to you guys. Never doubted your abilities. You are capable of accomplishing a lot.
Just here to thank you for being such great Clan. Having such cool servers, and really respectful Members.

[TGV] Clan: The strongest Clan, yet the most loyal in our opinion.
Here is what we loved about [TGV]: Great leaders, loyal members, and respected Clan.
[TGV] was MostAfa's first and only Clan, he had a lot of fun with its members.
Aj, Leegao, and COmpaQ. Those are such amazing people. They taught us a lot.
Thank you so much for being your loyal self. We especially want to thank your leaders who are really thoughtful.

Kc Clan / : There is so much history to your Clan. You guys really gave us loyalty hopes. You have hosted with us
in the past, and it discontinued, but we never felt as it was a bad thing. It was just an honor to have your servers
with us. Keep up your loyal self. Thank you for having servers with us.

Mindcore Clan / : Hey there. Although we never had experience with your Clan members specifically, we did host
servers for you guys. Oxy2D is actually where your EU hosting was :) Such a great quality at a low price.
I wish we got to know you better. Thanks for sticking out as a loyal Clan, keep it up.

[BrU] Clan / : Basically, we want to thank you for being our first servers to renew with us
from your free trial. It gave us hope to keep going with giving out free servers. We are sorry it had to end this way.
But thank you again for being with us, best of luck.

Void Clan / : Oh you guys knew you were coming into this didn't you. :P
Just want to thank you and your members for being cool with our trial and trying out our services.
We are sorry to hear that your Clan has closed.
We hope you guys enjoyed it while it lasted, thanks again.

|Storm_AM| / : What can we say? I mean, such an honor to host for our biggest amount of servers in our
entire hosting history. You gave us a huge boost. Although it was discontinued but we wish it lasted much longer.
Good luck with the rest of the hosting with other providers. Thank you for hosting with us as this amount of servers.

|3v| / : Well, sorry it is only been hosting for you for about couple of days, and we had so
many lag issues from then. But do not worry, you still got your free 1 month trial with us :) We'll see how it goes.
Thanks for applying!

TMMCraft / : Minecraft Community who is led by great people which are MaHmOoD and Tiggur.
Thank you so much for sponsoring us. We are honored that we have helped you out in such occasions.
It was the most successful Minecraft Community we have ever been involved with. Good luck for you guys,
You are wished the best of luck. / : You have created some epic games. And we were honored to be the
ones who have hosted for one of them. CS2D is unique in many ways, despite what other people may have an opinion on it.
We want to tell you to keep up the great work. And thank you for having faith in us by adding our link to your
websites. We really appreciate it.

CS2D Community / : There is a lot of people out there.
We want to thank every single one of you for playing this unique game.
Whether you were part of us or not. You are still apperciated for playing CS2D.
For people who have our links on their website. Would you please take it down? Probably there is no use for it anymore.
Again, thank you very much CS2D Community. There is a lot to tell about your players, they all chose this truely unique game to play.


MaHmOoD: The founder of, and a retired staff.
Although many people have wonder where are you currently. we are sure you are doing great in life.
Thank you for funding from first it started.

MostAfa: The Main Managements of, and a proud staff.
Managing is tough, we have to admit. But was proud to have you.
You did a great job on while it lasted, from countless hours of hosting, to helping people on Xfire.
Thank you so much for your efforts. We are sure that a lot of other people do appreciate it.

Needles: The Main Hosting Managements of, and an ideal staff.
There is a lot to say about you. You have accomplished so much in less time ever did.
Your ideas are countless. You came up with a lot. And each one of them had an effect on us positively.
We sure appreciate every time you did a feature for us or perhaps helped us accomplish something.
It was really fun having you along. You stayed for the ride, and became our most trusted yet ideal staff.
Thank you so much for being with us. You led a great Clan with awesome servers, and you still are.

ShafT: The SFX/GFX/Maps Managements, and a humorous staff.'s man! Yes you are.
You have helped us with some of your cool graphics skills.
And most importantly you enlightened us with your humorous personality.
Thank you, keep up your cool self!

Kossrifle: The TLex & E-CS2D Managements, and an expert staff.
Your work was huge to us. Basically our entire system was dependent on your work.
Although we did have our downs once, but those were never intended.
You managed to build us E-CS2D, and most Staff have learned a lot from you, especially MostAfa.
TLex was a really effective Lua. It was user-friendly. And just built for enjoyment.
And there is a lot to say about It is honestly the most epic free music page.
Thank you so much, and good job. We have to say that your abilities are endless.

VaiN: The Servers Scripting Managements, and a creative staff.
You have a gift my friend. The combination of ideas with great skills.
You have helped us so much during the past. It was always appreciated.
We always want to get to know you more. we are sure there are a lot of ideas yet skills for you to discover.
Thank you for sticking with us until the end, with every step we have moved up, there was always a part
in it that you have been involved. Good luck with Rewards Community. We always believed it is a creative idea.

Pandaz: The Forums Managements, and a caring staff.
Honestly, you are the most caring person we have ever met.
You surprised us in so many things. You are always kept to the moment. And never left out.
Always listened to our decisions/opinions/etc. and gave your own point of view that influenced us.
Thank you for helping us out until now. There is a lot to say about you.

Nhugg3t: The Servers & General Managements, and a positive yet impatient staff.
You are always in a hurry! That is what we like about you.
Does your job as asked, and always positive attitude.
You speak for yourself in a mature way of your age.
Thank you for helping us for only a short amount of time.


Ninja: The [N~] Server(s) Owner.
Such a loyal owner for our hosting.
You have stayed with us since the beginning until now.
We wish you the best in your life.
Thank you so much for being loyal to us in many ways.

ifrit: The [N~] Server(s) Co-Owner.
Funny guy. Had a lot of fun with you.
You always sticked close with Ninja's loyalty, and followed along.
Great job at leading N~ into a great community.
Although it is been inactive lately, but it is always ready to tackle new games.
Thank you for being loyal along with us.

United: The lone | Server(s) Owner.
There is so much we can tell about your personality.
First, such a nice guy. You have beared with us a lot.
You get to your point directly. We like that about you.
It was an honor to host your servers. lone is such a great Clan to us.
Thank you so much for bearing with us. We are sorry it had to end this way.

Sugar: The [Fl@me] Server(s) Owner.
The troll master, jk. :P
We had fun at first when your server was filled with trainings.
Although your Clan been an inactive lately on CS2D.
We are sure it is doing great on other games.
Thank you for hosting with us, you are wished the best in CS2D and other games.

TheBurito: The [BrU] Server(s) Owner.
We have to admit, re-newing servers after trial, really man?
Nah jk. You have gave us hopes, and gave people more opportunity to try out our Free trials.
Thank you for re-newing and keeping up with us until now.

Scarface: The Void | Server(s) Owner.
We're sorry to hear your Clan may be closing.
we are sure you have experienced a lot as a leader of a quiet few clans.
We have been hosting a server for you about a month now. And it's been great.
You are really generous guy to be honest, keep it up.
Thank you for hosting with us, always been good to have you.

Zurak: The [Map*Art] Server(s) Owner.
Sorry that we have to leave you in the middle of nowhere.
We hope you enjoyed the ride so far with us.
The LUA you have made have really impressed us on your server as in countless hours of work.
There is a lot to tell about your scripting skills.
Thank you for hosting with us, we wish you the best in scripting.

Kachz: The |3v| Server(s) Owner.
We have to say sorry to you too.
You barely started your free trial with us.
We will continue to provide it until it is expired, because we appreciate you that much.
Thanks for applying.


FlooD: Hey, you get to be the first.
You were the ideal of our community. We never deny that you were the reason have ever started.
Although we never gotten to be this much of close friends. But we always considered you are to us.
Because honestly, without you, this would have not existed. Thank you very much. We hope your new hosting is
going to turn out great.

Pwnalizer: ALLAH AKBAR!
You have hosted the most greatest amount of servers with us.
It really have made a huge impact on our hosting.
You're a cool guy, but sometimes may lose temper. But don't get this in the wrong way, you have the courage to fix it.
Thank you for hosting this amount of servers with us. It was an honor, good luck with other hosting providers.

Andrez: Oh yes, we could use you for testing now, mwhaha.
You helped us test some hosts in the past couple of days, that was nice of you.
Great seeing you along with Pwnalizer building up Storm_AM. Such a good Clan in our perspective.
Thank you for helping us first. And for being part of co-owner on our most greatest amount of hosted servers ever.

Vamp.BAt: Such a generous guy.
Admitting that you are generous guy is good enough to describe you.
We are sure that lone is a lot proud to have you as a part of them.
You have beared with along with United for a lot of loyal time.
We appreciate every moment of it, thank you for having us as friends is just enough to us.

Vision: YOLO
Really funny when you spam random stuff. We had a lot of fun talking to you.
The times on Xfire Chat will never be forgotten, so much funny.
We are glad that we hosted to lone Clan, and that you were involved with it.
Thank you very much for being part of it. You picked a great Clan to be in.

Wastck: Oh what? You still want Admin on lone servers?
Jk! It was an honor to give you Admin on the server once you have asked.
As mentioned to Vision. You picked a great Clan to be in.
Thank you for just being part of it. It makes you a lot respected to us.

shoot2kill: What's up homie?
So many questions came out of you. We loved 'em.
You always wanted to know stuff. That is a really good quality of you. Courage.
Thanks for these moments, they sure made us not bored, haha.

Cortez: You lead the most amazing Clan.
That is right. [LaG] is a Clan that we always looked up to.
You did a great job at developing it along with Hye. Thanks to his efforts too.
We used [LaG] name in a lot of our Applications just to show how much successful we think it is.
Although that was not a part to us, but we sure appreciate your time maintaining [LaG]. Thank you.

Hye: Amazing leader, same as Cortez.
As we said, [LaG] was a huge success in our opinion.
You have edited Amx2D to be such a cool Lua after Lee. We surely used that a lot in our hosting.
We want to thank you for maintaining [LaG], it gave us a lot of influences overall.

Penitence/Paulo300: Hmm, let's see...
You are sure guy that love to know things, and get involved.
We see it in you. You encourage yourself to explain many things whether it was about computers or anything else.
Keep up your positive attitude, it will get you somewhere good in life. Thank you for these good moments.

Hazey: A retired staff.
It was a bad moment losing your efforts on
But you know, stuff happens. we are sure you are turned into different things now.
Thank you for helping us out on, it was good times to have you.

Blaze: Anger Management class could be helpful.
Jk! You're a funny guy without showing it.
Even when you are mad, you still sound funny.
We loved every moment spoke to you.
Thank you for having us on your friend list, good times.

Skeptic: CS2D's Android Game Developer.
Such a great personality. We love your work, and the work that is coming up from you.
We are always here to support your development. It is an honor.
Keep up your great work on this project. We are hoping for the best of it.
Thank you for developing it. We are excited to see your upcoming work.

Skillz: [Insert what we said in first line to Pwnalizer here]
Haha. Arabs, we love to talk to them.
You were great staff in our perspective, more personally involved to be specific.
You were more of a friend than a staff. And we appreciate anything you did for us.
Thank you for being part of our team for a while. cZ is being lead greatly by you.

Whitewolf: Linux addicted.
You got the courage to learn it. We are here with you!
We wish you the best of luck learning it. Just let us know if you ever need help.
Thank you for the good times, really thoughtful questions.

Anthrax: A helpful retired staff.
Well, issues arise. But the thing we will never forget..
That you were once part of our team.
We thank you for the help whether was it small or big.

Leegao: A true expert.
With all our honesty. You are a genius.
Although in the modern CS2D time, not a lot of people heard about you,
But we know you accomplished such great things like Amx2D which was our first Lua on
Thank you so much for your efforts of helping us at first, and we wish you the best of luck in your life.

Aj: An experienced leader.
To us, yes you were a great leader. [TGV] was a really strong Clan.
We give you credit for teaching us the first steps into Linux world.
Without you, we could have not accomplished stepping up.
Thank you very much for taking us into the first steps of Linux Hosting.

DC: The creator of CS:2D, and other unique games.
Well, without you. The game would not exist obviously.
You helped us get popular by adding our links to your websites.
It was really nice of you to have hope in us.
I guess at this point it is a bit disappointing to stop.
But thank you so much for the awesome game. It is truly unique.

X.Rated: Hacker but with personality.
We like the moments we spoke to you.
Although you may have hurt us in the past, but it taught us to be more secure.
Deep down inside, you got a good heart. Just needs to be discovered.
So thank you for teaching us some stuff to be secured. It helped us in many ways.

8Ball: Hey homie.
The moments we spoke to you was the most fun.
We always got taught something new while helping you out.
Whether with Computer problem or a question. You always had an extra taste in the chat.
Thank you for making us less bored, it was fun, keep it up. (Lol worst ending ever).

Tiggur: A lot to say about you.
A Minecraft expert. Yes you are.
We believe in you now, we always did, with everything you do.
Although you only used a part of our help, you were able to accomplish a lot.
We were honored to be TMMCraft sponsors. Great community.
Thank you for being a great friend with us, most amazing thing you ever did.

PuMP: The mysterious guy.
Yes, we consider you that. You disappear and re-appear.
The most fun thing about you that you directly state your point in a cool way.
We enjoyed talking to you mostly. And we are sure there is a lot more to come.
Thank you for being such a cool guy with us. You realize what friendship means.

Additional Information:

Well. We sure wrote a lot. But we know one thing. That this CS2D Community deserves more than this.
We want to apologize that we were not able to complete our mission. Perhaps not even close.
Some people have good opinions about us, and some does not. But from our perspective, we love you all no matter what.
There are so many players out there that we want to thank, and we knew to be as great as mentioned above.
CS2D Hosting was a great experience to us overall. There was always a good moments, and sometimes bad ones.
But we always knew that we never gave up in these bad moments. Today, we announce that we walk happily with
our own feet, it is our decision, no one else's. And with these countless hours and efforts these people
have put in our We are still not thankful enough for it.
It may seem to you, the reader, that all of this announcement may sound for nothing.
You ask, why do we even bother? Why quit? Who cares?
Our answer: Sometimes in life decisions have to be made whether it was for good or bad reasons.
We chose this decision. We chose to write this. We thank you that you have read it.
Here is some FAQ to lightening the mood up:


Q: is over? But why?? :(
A: As mentioned above.
It is becoming really inactive in our perspective, and this applies to our hosting.
We personally know that going to be busy in life, and no longer have time to maintain
That is pretty much the reasons. Yes life.

Q: So what is going to happen now?
A: Nothing much.
We will keep the current servers running until they expire, and then put the Forums to redirect to this page.
In the future, when the domain expires, it will probably go into advertisements page, but that won't be until a long time.

Q: Can anyone else lead
A: Unfortunate no. We will not allow it anyways.

Q: Why did it close all of the sudden?
A: We do not consider it as sudden. We are trying to keep it up until it expires.
We have been getting the idea of closing since the first of summer.
Since Fall is coming, and we saw the inactivty is still going up. We decided to close.

Q: Will you keep your site up or something?
A: Probably all our websites will redirect to this page here.
Or perhaps we might make it forums to help people with CS2D issues 24/7, you never know.

Q: So who is going to host CS2D servers from now on?
A: Well, it is not like we were hosting all CS2D servers, and like super popular.
There is few good hosts out there like FlooD (American Hosting) (Xfire: apersonn) and (European Hosting).

Q: Will MostAfa still going to help out on Xfire?
A: Currently yes. However; once college starts and all, he might be busy,
So we/he can't promise you that he will always be on.

Q: Can I still contact him somehow even if he is not on Xfire?
A: Just PM him on any Forums. He will answer your question whether about him or Linux or whatever.
Hopefully in less than 30 minutes, he'll respond.

Q: What about Still going to accept applications?
A: Well not really. The page will might close up or redirect to here.
And for people who thinks it matters to keep it up. It does not. There is only couple of active clans in there.

Q: What about your Music website? Still going to let us use it? (
A: It will be up until the VPS has closed. So probably couple of weeks or so.
Then we will give to "Needles" to host it on his VPS. So probably link will change to or something.

Q: Will close forever or is this just temporarily?
A: Probably forever. That is why we made this announcement of closure.

Q: Who wrote this announcement of closure?
A: The main staff, and with the help from the rest of the staff.
It is always spoken with a "we" since we're all family, we are sure we have the same point of view.

Links & Affiliates:


We thank you for reading this announcement. It may seem sad to some of you, and it may seem normal to others.
But anyways. We are sorry for not accomplishing our mission. It was hard to reach it, in our perspectives.
There is a lot to say. But let's get to the point... has closed.
We are really proud that we got to work with these people throughout 2 years of hosting.
We thank every one of you for helping us reach this far. And again, we are sorry for ending it this way.

- Proud Staff.


Most players/clans/communities/owners/staff who are mentioned are from what we knew in modern time.
We are sure that there is a lot to thank in the past. Sorry if you were not included.
The Background music is coming from the website. We hope you enjoy it!
For questions/comments/concerns or anything else. Please feel free to contact us.

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